Friday, August 24, 2007

Sorry [ a spider ]

'twas slightly scary to standing with my camera only 1/2" from the spider's beastly body, but I think it was worth it. My apologies to those who are offended by these photos. :D

Friday, August 3, 2007

Oklahoma Aquarium :: Part 3 (including jellyfish)

Okay, these were my favorite part of the whole aquarium.

That's all, folks!

Oklahoma Aquarium :: Part 2

A few more shots.

Mom and I, taking a break from 'sight' seeing.

Come back for part 3; I'll be featuring the favored jellyfish!

Oklahoma Aquarium :: Part 1

I'm alive; however, this isn't a post of apology, this be a picture post. Enjoy!

More coming later. Maybe.

Friday, May 18, 2007

My 50+ dollar [insert secret noun] conquest Part 3


Posting this series was getting a bit messy, especially considering that I was being a little mysterious. I can't continue without revealing what you probably already know.

Ready for the secret noun?!

It's the My 50+ dollar [LOGO] conquest. Yep, My 50+ dollar logo conquest.

So now, you're going, "huh?".


A few weeks ago, I came apon the bright idea of creating a logo for Painted in Pixels. Why I would do this is pretty much beyone me. I have never designed a logo before. :D However, I decided I needed one, so I started looking around the 'net to see what tips I could find.

Besides some really good tips, I found also found a rant from some random logo designer about the 50 dollar logo. The basic synopsis of his blog post and following comments was that no one [as in a growing company] should expect to get even a halfway decent company logo for only 50 bucks. Tons of thought, time, and work goes to produce a worth-while logo, and any logo design company charging just 50 dollars is most likely not extending such effort.

Hmmm..I took that as a challenge. I can't pay myself more than (or even!) 50 dollars to create a logo. Nonetheless, I can try my best to create a 50+ dollar logo. It's a conquest of mine; maybe I'll conquer by the end of the summer. (Just kidding, I hope to design my final logo before another week goes by.)

Bear with me, as I post my sketches and ideas. I'll even ask for your suggestions later on, perhaps. It may be a long journey...


P.s. Has it occured to you that after hours of work, thought, and effort to produce a logo, I'll have no way of actually knowing if my finished product is better than those measly 50 dollar logos? That's a depressing point.

My 50+ dollar logo conquest :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Messin' Around

I found the cloning tool on my photo program! So, I tried it out quickly tonight...

Basically, I just removed some of the grassy weeds that were distracting from the focus on the wildflower. I realize this cloning job isn't perfect and at that, there's not a whole lot of change to see anyway, but what do you think?

before after


And sadly, in other news, my weekly rendezvous to Barnes and Nobles, cool photo shops, and Sonic have come to an end. My brother's and sister's concert band program is done for the year, and that was my only time in the City (okay, more commonly known as OKC) with the car all to myself. I'll miss it all: two hours by myself to pour over web design, photography, graphic design, and theology books at Barnes and Nobles, chow down Sonic's 99 cents breakfast burritos, and discuss camera lenses with a sales man who knew just about as much as I did. (Which wasn't much!)


Monday, May 14, 2007

Photography: Forever My Road

I don't think one can ever see enough pictures of my road. Forever my road.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Canon Rebels and a Piece of Gum

Me [pretending to be serious]: "Dad, will you buy me a Canon Rebel camera?"
Dad: "How much is it?"
Me: "Only like $890..."
Dad [sarcastic]: " soon as I get my next paycheck, I'll go out and buy it."
Little sibling, overhearing the conversation: "Dad, will you buy me something?"
Dad [wary]: "What?"
Little sibling: "A piece of gum."

Of course, my dad was kidding about the camera. I shan't be getting any new photo gear anytime soon.

But I did buy something else tonight. *squeals* I can't wait until I can tell you what it is!

Graphic Design: The 50+ Dollar [insert secret noun here] Conquest Part 2

Not there yet.

Sketches maybe.

The 50+ Dollar [insert secret noun here] Conquest :: Part 1 :: Part 2

Friday, May 11, 2007

Graphic Design: Indian Paintbrush Part 1

What: --------
When: May 11th, 2007
Who (for): --------
Where: --------
With(program): Gimp 2

I submit to you that you'll be seeing many more variations of this. Indian Paintbrush. But I give too much away, don't I? This is the beginning of an idea for that 50+ dollar [insert secret noun here] conquest.

Suggestions, anyone?

Web Dev: Article from Smashing Magazine

A few days ago I found a very interesting article from Smashing Magazine. They posed 5 design questions to 35 great web developers and came up with this:


I haven't read through it all, but it looks like there's lots of valuable information, including plenty of CSS tips. :-) For that matter, the entire Smashing Magazine (looks more like a blog to me) looks informative and helpful!

Hmmm...looks like the beginning of a list of helpful links to add to my ever growing sidebar.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pet a [Red] Moose

This is kind of cool. :D I was impressed, anyway. I certainly don't know how to 'pet a moose'. Nice work, Matthew. Do want to do one of me riding an elephant?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Photography: oklahoma wildflowers

Word Press Theme Musings

I just spent a few minutes browsing Word Press themes....hmmm. I wonder why? And that's a secret. :D

Things to note:

1. You can't google anything about WordPress without coming up with something about a certain Alex King that held some WP theme contest once. This cracks me up, 'cause I know another certain Alex King myself, and he's never hosted a WP theme contest, though, I do believe he made his own WP theme at one point.

2. The questions are: Start with something pre-made, pre-painted? Or be original and paint my own? Pixels are fun to work with.
3. I decided black is an excellent color to have a photography blog on. :D

4. I also just decided I really don't think I have time to design a theme myself. O, o, o. Decisions, decisions.

I could always buy one: $$$
(Just kidding, I'd not do that, but they do have some vivid WP photo templates there.)

Oh, but why would I want a WP template anyway? It's not like I have any web hosting or anything.

Has anyone done their own WP theme?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Canon Powershot Lenses

After reading Kristin's post this morning, I took advantage of some free time in the City and took a trip to Epperson Photo [caveat: they need help with their website, click at your own risk] to check out lenses for my (mom's) Canon A620 Powershot. Let me tell you, the atmosphere in that store is truly a photographer's dream. Cameras in boxes, cameras under glass cases, cameras above counters, cameras being handled by clerks and customers. Cameras that call you to touch them. They have a shelf of photography books also. I touched them too.

But never mind, back to the point. After I explained to the clerk that I'd like to see the available lenses for my cameras, we shuffled through product catalogs, found a compatible lens, and then--since I had my camera with me--we tried it on. Beautiful.

First, my camera needed an adapter:

Then, we fitted on the telephoto lens:

Epperson Photo also had the wide angle lens:

The only downside was the price of the lens, and the fact that I still know next to nothing about lenses.

The close up lens calls me most:

Someday. someday. (But then, maybe I should buy my own camera before I start buying lenses, huh?)

*stock lenses photos courtesty of B&H Photo, Video